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Recreational fun at Hügle Manor

Gut Hügle Discgolf Course

The novelty at Lake Constance! The Frisbee family fun across the wooded hilly landscape and idyllic cherry orchards.

Disc golf is played similarly to ball golf - only with a Frisbee disc. As with ball golf, there are targets (par). The goal is of course to play under par. This is ideal for beginners, as you can learn quickly. The success of "putting" into the sounding chain baskets inspires!

Discgolf (also: Disc Golf, Frisbeegolf, Frolf) is a game in which - analogous to classic golf - you try to hit a certain target with as few throws of a Frisbee as possible from a fixed drop point.

Opening hours:
Open daily from 8.00.
Admission: € 4,90/person. Rental fee for discs 1€. For lost targets we charge 10€.

Download the schedule here. Bring sturdy shoes!

Disc golf at Gut Hügle. Frisbee golf or disc golf on the adventure farm in Ravensburg on Lake Constance.