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We love to make you shine every day with our delicious baked goods. Each product that leaves our organic farm bakery is unique, where you can feel the love and dedication that goes into artisan baking.

our organic farm bakery! on the adventure farm

Here, on our idyllic adventure farm, we have developed a very special passion for homemade bread. We use only the highest quality organic ingredients to create delicious baked goods that not only taste great, but are also made from high quality, regional organic ingredients.

Our artisan baking tradition
In our organic farm bakery, we proudly uphold the traditional art of baking. Every loaf of bread that leaves our bakery is the result of meticulous craftsmanship. We use only the finest organic ingredients to ensure unparalleled quality and flavor. Our dough is allowed to mature in peace and thus develops its full aroma. The result is breads with crispy crust, wonderful taste and texture.

Our assortment of delicious breads
With us you will find a diverse selection of breads that offer something for every taste. Best of all, you can enjoy our delicious breads and baked goods not only at breakfast and dinner in the restaurant, but also buy them for home in the farm store. Take a piece of our baking tradition home with you!

Current assortment

With us, every piece of bread is a true work of art, fresh from the oven. We deliberately avoid long storage in order to always offer you the highest quality and freshness. This means that our assortment can change from day to day, because we always bake fresh and let the flavors dance.

Farmhouse bread

Our farmhouse bread is a true classic. With a combination of spelt, wheat and rye, it is a hearty bread that gives you the full taste of nature.

Hügles farmhouse bread

For lovers of spelt and rye, our Hügles Bauernbrot is an absolute must. The perfect blend of these two grains results in a bread that is rustic yet incredibly delicious.

Hügles soul bread

For a special taste experience, we recommend our Hügles Seelenbrot. It is refined with spelt, wheat, caraway and salt and provides an incomparable moment of pleasure.

Country bread

Our country bread is a true taste experience. With a mixture of wheat, rye, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds, it offers a delicious texture and a perfect balance between taste and health.

Olive bread

Lovers of Mediterranean flavors will love our olive bread. With a combination of wheat and spelt and the addition of juicy olives, it's a bread that will transport you to sunny climes with every bite.


Our Ruchmehlbrot is a real treat for the palate. Made from wheat and spelt, it delights with its aromatic crust and tender interior.

Braid bread

The braided bread is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a delight for the palate. Prepared with spelt, it convinces with its soft texture and characteristic braided appearance.

Available in the farm store - Take a piece of our baking tradition home with you

‍Visitour farm store and take a piece of our baking tradition home with you. There you will find a selection of freshly baked breads and other delicacies from our organic farm bakery. Our staff will be happy to advise you and help you choose your favorites. Get the bread that makes your meals special directly from our adventure farm.

Quality and sustainability
At our organic farm bakery, we care not only about good taste, but also about the outstanding quality and sustainability of our ingredients. Why? Because we not only want to protect the environment, but we also want to ensure that our baked goods are always fresh and pure. Every bite of our delicious bread tells a compelling story of superior quality.

"If we can create food that is free of chemical substances and additives while protecting the environment and future generations, we should enthusiastically choose this path." - Dr. Wolfgang Hügle

Experience the taste of our bread
Come by and experience the unique taste of our artisan bread. You can enjoy it in our restaurant during breakfast or other meals and experience the perfect combination of crispy crust and tender inside. Be surprised by the variety of our breads and dive into a world of pleasure.

Organic farm bakery homemade bread from the stone oven at Hügle Manor.