Holiday with dog at Hügle Estate

15 hectares of private land directly on the farm in the midst of the beautiful landscape of the Lake Constance - Alpine foothills region certainly offer you and your four-legged friend enough exercise and relaxation.

Exercise without a leash

In case you don't like to let your dog off the leash, you can let it run free in our partly fenced plantations without any problems.

Of course you are welcome to bring your dog, as well as other pets, into the holiday home. If you wish, we can provide a bowl and a water dish for your dog. If you have forgotten your basket, we will be happy to provide you with one on request.

Dogs in the holiday flat

In the holiday apartment your four-legged friend can of course move freely. Surely your animal already knows it from his well-kept home: Dirty and wet feet are simply wiped a little, the rain-soaked fur on a bad weather day briefly rubbed with a towel. Already dog is house-fine again. Sleeping in bed or on the sofa? That is a matter of taste - we think: rather not, also for hygiene reasons ...

Rules of conduct

All important points at a glance:

  • Dogs are notallowed on seating furnitureor in the beds.

  • Do not leave dogs alone in the room.

  • Neighbours must not be disturbed by increased dog barking.

  • Please keep your dog on a leash at all times on the farm premises.

  • Please dispose of the dog's"leftovers" immediately.

Hunters and wildlife

Hunters in sight? Problems with wild deer? Open meadows and pastures? Well, these can be particularly common in Upper Swabia. And they are very real. As everywhere, you should not let your dog run in the forest without a lead - the region between Ravensburg and Lake Constance is a particularly game-rich area.

Animal pastures

Open meadows and pastures are certainly fun for the dog. However, remember that your dog is virtually romping in the cows' food: dog excrement can be fatal for cows in the worst case. Therefore, please no gymnastic exercises in pastures. But don't worry - you'll find plenty of exercise for your four-legged friend on our grounds! Just ask at the reception where exactly our land is located.

Holidays with dog at Gut Hügle. Dog holidays on the adventure farm in Ravensburg at Lake Constance