Lucy Moo in the play barn, the indoor playground at Gut Hügle
Lucy Moo
Playing and romping around even in bad weather

The ultimate play and climbing fun awaits you in our play barn!

Our play barn

Who says that a little rain or cooler temperatures have to spoil the fun? Not with us! Lucy Moo, our lovable, gigantic cow, is waiting for you in our play barn, just waiting for you to jump and climb on her. A children's paradise that leaves nothing to be desired and invites you to let off steam to your heart's content. So, pack your anticipation and get ready for an adventure!

More than just an indoor playground

But our play barn is much more than an ordinary indoor playground; it is an adventure without limits, an invitation to explore and discover. It may come across as a simple barn and may lack the warmth of the outside, but that's exactly what makes it so charming.

Cozy and warm despite cool temperatures

Remember, the play barn is a simple barn without insulation and is not heated. So pack warm socks and cozy clothes to keep you comfortable while you play and explore the surroundings.

Children's birthday parties in the play barn

And for those looking for an unforgettable children's birthday party: You've come to the right place! Our play barn is the perfect indoor children's playground for celebrations that come straight from the heart - with no need to book in advance. Simply drop by and enjoy your special day to the full. Get ready for endless fun and adventure, no matter what the weather says!

Play barn at Gut Hügle. Indoor playground at the adventure farm in Ravensburg on Lake Constance