The restaurant

unique flair & panorama. family friendly with play barn

In the old barn

Ground Floor
Capacity: comfortable seating for up to 120 people including dance floor, DJ and buffet. Seating options:

  • Star-shaped table arrangement to the dance floor.
  • Block variant
  • U-shape

The rooms of the restaurant offer excellent acoustics due to sound-optimized special ceilings.

Upper floor in the old barn
Capacity: comfortable seating for up to 80 people including buffet tables.
Illumination through elaborate, wide-area roof glazing, side and gable windows.

Excellent acoustics through sound-optimised special ceilings.

To the 3D tour of the upper floor

Well thought-out room concept Ideal for large parties of up to 250 people.

The dance floor & stage are easily visible from both levels during the banquet.
Due to the two levels there is no "lost hall feeling". During the later party the atmosphere heats up on one level.

For parties of up to 120 people, simply use the ground floor.

Our restaurant at Gut Hügle. Family restaurant directly on the adventure farm in Ravensburg on Lake Constance.