Farmers' brunch at Hügle ManorFarmers' brunch at Hügle Manor
Cherry Orchard
Cherry Orchard
Picking cherries yourself - the leisure experience for the whole family

Our cherries are available fresh daily during the season from June to the beginning of August - Gut Hügle is a real paradise for all cherry lovers during this time!


Please be sure to follow the excellent signage, otherwise you may be fined.

Cherries to pick yourself

Pick your own cherries to your heart's content in our plantations. A great experience and great fun too! For the whole family in the great outdoors.

We also sell cherries directly from the farm. Contact us, a rich assortment of cherries in different qualities and packaging sizes is available here for you to choose from.

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Covered plantations

Covered plantations. The plantations are covered, you can pick even in the rain without problems and do not get wet (see webcam with a view of the covered plantations). Above all, the roofing ensures a high quality of the fruit, because the cherries no longer burst and can thus remain on the tree until fully ripe.


We provide you with picking buckets for picking the cherries yourself. For convenient transport through the plantations, you can borrow a handcart free of charge. You can easily carry your picnic equipment with you. Experience has shown that the children have the most fun with the handcart.

Picking without a ladder

You can move freely in the cherry orchards and choose the best fruits. You do not need a ladder for picking. Even children can easily pick without a ladder. The cherry trees in our newly established plantations grow to a maximum height of 3-4 meters.

Weighing and paying for the fruit takes place at the cash desk after picking. The prices for the picked cherries are daily prices.
Depending on the harvest phase, we reserve the right to charge a "Naschtaler".

Gut Hügle cherry orchard. Cherries directly from the adventure farm in Ravensburg at Lake Constance

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