Vegan & Gluten Free

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Vegan: More than just a trend

More and more people eat vegetarian & vegan out of conviction. It has long since become more than just a trend.

Others need gluten-free or lactose-free food due to intolerances or celiac disease.
We take into account the different eating habits and cook the food to suit you.

Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes are always available. With us you can enjoy varied, healthy and purely plant-based cuisine.

In our menu we mark vegan dishes with 

Gut Hügle vegan and gluten-free restaurant

and dishes that are available gluten-free with

Gut Hügle vegan and gluten-free eating in the restaurant

We also bake our popular homemade cakes vegan or gluten-free for you. Even vegan desserts are prepared regularly. Please contact us.

Vegan & gluten-free dining at Gut Hügle. Restaurant with vegan and gluten-free food on the adventure farm in Ravensburg.