Vegan and gluten-free dishes at Gut Hügle
Vegan & gluten free
Plant-based & more: Discover culinary diversity

Discover how enjoyment can be excitingly different! Whether vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free - with us you can expect taste experiences that will enchant your senses.

Vegan: a conscious indulgence

For many of you, opting for a vegan or vegetarian diet is more than just a fashion - it's a conscious choice. We are convinced that a plant-based diet is not only good for you, but can also be a feast for the senses.

For our guests who require a gluten-free or lactose-free diet due to coeliac disease or other intolerances, we offer a carefully selected range of dishes. We take on the challenge of delighting you with dishes that are precisely tailored to your individual needs.

Our menu: A celebration of creativity

Whether vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free - our menu always has a wide selection for you. Let yourself be surprised by the creativity and variety of our plant-based cuisine, which will delight you anew every day.

To make it easier for you to choose, we mark vegan dishes with a🌱and gluten-free options with a 🌸. So you can see at a glance which delicacies await you.

Sweet temptation: vegan & gluten-free desserts

We also cater for those with a sweet tooth: our homemade cakes and desserts are also available in vegan and gluten-free versions. Perfect for anyone who craves a sweet treat without having to compromise on their dietary preferences. Do you have any special requests? We are here for you.

Vegan & gluten-free dining at Gut Hügle. Restaurant with vegan and gluten-free food on the adventure farm in Ravensburg.